Wetland Education & Research Center (WERC)

Final 4th year project. Mission Bay Master Plan. Intent is to redevelop the park to accommodate multiple venues like the UCSD’s Wetlands Educational Research Center (WERC), cabin’s for overnight stay, space for RVs, a reduced Golf Course, and multiple sports fields to encourage visitors to be active. In addition, expanding the marsh assures the native plants and animals have a larger protected area, a habitat worthy of expansion. The water flow from Rose Creek will filter as it passes through the suggested marshland and this creates an area for the public to swim. Another focus was to create a safe environment for visitors to roam about the park after dark. Well lit walk ways and grass fields. Family centered venues to create a sense of community.

Providing a social building that has restaurants, cafes, breweries and rental shops further expands on the idea of Mission Bay at night.

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