Quotes 56 ➠ 65

“Do not be lost in history. Be found in history.” – Majd Nazo

“Humbleness is a trait of true character.” – Majd Nazo

“Everything can be tweaked, re-inacted and duplicated. Don’t believe everything you see. – Majd Nazo

“Inventions are about solving common problems.” – Majd Nazo

“Moods distinguish what character you are displaying at the moment.” – Majd Nazo

“Evilness can only be defeated with overly dedicated kindness.” – Majd Nazo

“You must develop a smooth, yet edgy and unique character that will differ you form the others.” – Majd Nazo


Quotes 44 ➠ 50

“Those who struggle early will rise and succeed with time.”

“Everything in life is connected. Everything I do will some how affect those around me and so on and so forth.”

“Everything thats presently happening, will affect the future.”

“Always do the following. Eat healthy, workout, and get educated.”

“Laugh at life. It’s easier.”

“A positive religion will keep you in tact and eventually save your life.”

“Do not stress, it’s a sign of weakness.”

– Majd Nazo


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