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Urban sites have the responsibility to create spaces that enhance the local moral and encourage social interaction. Generating a consistent effort to create unity among locals is essential. It is not a crime to have ornaments. It is how architects express their full talent. Architects are artists at heart, you do not give an artist a color book and ask him to fill in the blank. It is imperative to design with site and program in mind. There should never be a template. There needs to be a process of discovery, exploration, and output.

The purpose of this study is to introduce optical illusion methods within architecture. An effort to reignite excitement and social engagement.


An illusion museum design that pays tribute to all existing and past artists with-in this space. An attempt to discover and implement visually altering techniques within the building itself. A thought provoking destination that encourages social interaction and advocacy for the arts. Open to the public.

Note: Due to time restraints, the three North and four South masses were not developed. Focused on site, landscape and two center masses containing four galleries and a communal theater.

5,224 ft.² Residence

A proposed single-family residence with a detached ADU. One level of 3,154 ft.² livable area which contains 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. 1,294 ft.² two 2 car garages and a 138 ft.² sunroom. Additionally the property has a 600 ft.² detached ADU. Total ft.² is 5,224.

Property is located in Alpine, CA. Worked on the following services of Schematic Design and Design Development.

Used software: Revit for building design, AutoCad for construction documents, and Lumion for renders.

Wetland Education & Research Center (WERC)

Final 4th year project. Mission Bay Master Plan. Intent is to redevelop the park to accommodate multiple venues like the UCSD’s Wetlands Educational Research Center (WERC), cabin’s for overnight stay, space for RVs, a reduced Golf Course, and multiple sports fields to encourage visitors to be active. In addition, expanding the marsh assures the native plants and animals have a larger protected area, a habitat worthy of expansion. The water flow from Rose Creek will filter as it passes through the suggested marshland and this creates an area for the public to swim. Another focus was to create a safe environment for visitors to roam about the park after dark. Well lit walk ways and grass fields. Family centered venues to create a sense of community.

Providing a social building that has restaurants, cafes, breweries and rental shops further expands on the idea of Mission Bay at night.

Mission Bay At Night

The focus of this North Mission Bay design concentrates on creating a balance between day and night activities. A design that supports the extended use of the park after sunset. By providing an integrated and adaptive approach it establishes a safe environment for the region to roam about after sunset.

A structured promenade much like the linear walks found in Italian plazas (passaggiata) will establish the site as the bay’s landmark. Providing a couple of restaurants that take advantage of the bays’s beautiful views will further support nighttime activity. Small shops will accommodate all visitors seeking quick snacks and bike rentals. The addition of sports fields will further encourage the community to remain active all day long.