When we sleep our brains take over and try to sort through all the images experienced during that day. If there are connections or similarities between todays images or the past’s, the brain automatically combines them. Once a setting or a scene is set and we are not fully awake to control it. Pulses of intuition take over based on past decisions. Which are engraved in our memory. And does its best using those default tools available to it to explore the scene and build on the imagery. Senses can also act as trigger tool. A scent, smell, sound or touch while asleep can also make the connection subconsciously and recall that experience. This sudden recognizable sense is intertwined with the current visual image floating in our dream, thus continuing to build on those surreal stories and scenes that seem to take shape mostly during REM(Rapid Eye Movement). Also known as deep sleep.
– Majd Nazo

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