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United Human Gravity

If we gather all humans on this planet and place them near each other in one city or one country, will their weight and targeted gravity shift the Earth’s axis? Imagine Earth as a bowling ball that is spinning on a smooth surface. If weight is evenly distributed? It will spin in its place due to its balanced radius. Now if you attach a heavy piece of metal to one of its three finger holes and spin again? It will spin erratically and change position due to the newly added mass. Same principal applies to our planet. Our combined human weight will add pressure to one specific location and pierce through to the inner most core with the aid of gravity. Now you might say what about the mass of the mountains and natural forming continents? Well that can play a role as well. But I believe the human soul and human gravity is sure to play a bigger role. This concept may shift the current Earth location with respect to the universe and it may also speed up the day cycle of 24 hrs. I am curious to research and see if today’s current spinning axis is trailing the heaviest mass combination of land and ocean? Whether it has an effect or not, the mere activity and participation of all humans will be a monumental triumph in itself. It will bring us together and force us to communicate and thus expand our understanding of one another as a specie.
Majd Nazo