SCHOOL VIDEO DIARY – A diary of an architectural student (Majd Nazo) attending NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, CA, USA. The video captures the process and progress of projects undertaken to acquire a Bachelor of Architecture. Set to graduate in June, 2021.
URBAN LEGEND – A video for an Urban Sociology class, taught by Trevor Stine at NewSchool of Architecture & Design. It is addressing housing issues in San Diego with the focus on population densification by rezoning single-family lots within the city to multi-dwelling units and mixed-use zones.

Final 4th yr project. Intent is to redevelop the park to accommodate multiple venues like the UCSD’s Wetlands Educational Research Center (WERC), cabin’s for overnight stay, space for RVs, a scaled down golf course, multiple sports fields to encourage an active lifestyle and most importantly designate lots more acreage for new wetlands to filter the Rose Creek water and provide a safe space for the public to swim. In addition, expanding the marsh assures the native plants and animals have a larger habitat area. Another focus was to create a safe environment for visitors to roam about the park after dark. Providing a social building that has restaurants, cafes, breweries and rental shops further expands on the idea of Mission Bay at night.

Adams Avenue Street Fair – 09/24/2016

SCIENCE OF LIGHT – The study of light interacting with form. Architecture design using light and shadow in mind. Love the symbols of knowledge dancing with the sun. Captured at sunrise to get the rapid sun movement. This location is the Sator Hall and Latter Hall, new science center at the Point Loma Nazarene University PLNU. It is a beautiful campus built atop a mountain facing the Pacific Ocean.

SUN – Drawing time lapse video using Procreate the app via iPad.

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