“Seniors die from loneliness. Not health.” – Majd Nazo


“Imagination – your first and ever true friend. Treat him well.” – Majd Nazo


“Clouds of tech have come upon us. Bringing heavy storage rains to flood the land.” – Majd Nazo


“Life after massive failures exist. Try again.” – Majd Nazo


“If your behavior has a pattern. Break it.” – Majd Nazo


“You need clarity to expand the mind.” – Majd Nazo


“If you wish to help improve a person’s actions. Do it without ridicule nor insult. Instead motivate them toward improvements.” – Majd Nazo


“Building excessive wind fan farms to generate energy, may also disturb Earth’s natural weather pattern over time.” – Majd Nazo


“Goodness heals the soul.” – Majd Nazo


“Do not be lost in history. Be found in history.” – Majd Nazo


“Humbleness is a trait of true character.” – Majd Nazo


“Everything can be tweaked, re-inacted and duplicated. Don’t believe everything you see. – Majd Nazo


“Is ignorance a disease or a bad habit? Do those who suffer from it, know their faults? Maybe they do and choose to use it to their benefit.” – Majd Nazo


“Inventions are about solving common problems.” – Majd Nazo


“Moods distinguish what character you are displaying at the moment.” – Majd Nazo


“Always look at Earth from the Moon’s perspective.” – Majd Nazo


“Evilness can only be defeated with overly dedicated kindness.” – Majd Nazo


“Never give up, stray and stay after you goals.” – Majd Nazo


“You must develop a smooth, yet edgy and unique character that will differ you form the others.” – Majd Nazo


“Art is every where, you just need to stare.” – Majd Nazo


“Always conquer the next level up. To reach higher status.”             – Majd Nazo


“Break things down, dissect the situation.” – Majd Nazo


“Some facts are created as an illusion to distract others from the truth.” – Majd Nazo


“Place yourself in a good atmosphere and you will adapt.”             – Majd Nazo


“Those who struggle early will rise and succeed with time.”           – Majd Nazo 


“Everything in life is connected. Everything I do will some how affect those around me and so on and so forth.” – Majd Nazo


“Everything thats presently happening, will affect the future.”     – Majd Nazo 


“Always do the following. Eat healthy, workout, and get educated.” – Majd Nazo


“Laugh at life. It’s easier.” – Majd Nazo


“A positive religion will keep you in tact and eventually save your life.” – Majd Nazo


“Do not stress, it’s a sign of weakness.” – Majd Nazo


“Great evil is greatly disguised, which is why its so successful.”     – Majd Nazo


“Once a damaged brain, always a damaged brain.”                           – Majd Nazo


“I draw ’till I prove my point. Then move on when I have done so.” – Majd Nazo 


“Every negative space composites another race.” – Majd Nazo


“If you vocally practice imitating real instruments and following melody to a T. Than you’ll become a better singer.” – Majd Nazo


“Many people fabricate lies to support their ideas. Not knowing that the same strategy may severely damage their character.”       – Majd Nazo



“Remember things as images. So in the future you can easily recall them. Visual memory stores experience very well.”                  Majd Nazo



“Life on this planet seems like a brief chapter in an epic ancient story.” – Majd Nazo


“Life is like music. It has a beginning and an end. Our live’s ups and downs represent the frequency waves.” – Majd Nazo


“Explain the reason behind your wrong doing. This helps with improvement.” – Majd Nazo


“Too much freedom is not wise. It sparks individual interests, individual interests encourage jealousy and hatred. Leading to risks in global trust. Which takes us back to where we started with no freedom.” – Majd Nazo


“You gain strength when there is no one around to help. Survival instincts force you to self manage your surroundings thus become aggressive and focused.” – Majd Nazo


“Don’t play a game unless you have read it’s rules. Without history you won’t have experience and without experience you won’t win.” – Majd Nazo


“Write your frustrations and difficulties on paper. Then format a way to calculate it and solve the problem. – Majd Nazo


“Its all about originality. If you trace every skill and hobby back to its roots, then you are able to redirect and point concept to various new levels.” – Majd Nazo


“Do not take the word WISDOM lightly. Never!” – Majd Nazo


“Look deep into every scientific fact. Because you may find a newer, better and easier way to explain it.” – Majd Nazo


“Experience creates a human being.” – Majd Nazo


“Making plans forces and pushes you to meat goals and not disrupt the aligned process to your success.” – Majd Nazo


“Every time we change perspectives we discover new ideas. Visual perspective that is.” – Majd Nazo


“The world is a complicated chess board game being played by those most powerful.” – Majd Nazo 


“Use every opportunity you get. As long as the outcome is positive.” – Majd Nazo


“A good friend is essential to the human soul. – Majd Nazo


“Don’t ever blame your life outcome on anyone. Only you control your destiny.” – Majd Nazo


“Our brains are like computers. The maximum area for memory is limited.” – Majd Nazo


“I am the only one left to change my life.” – Majd Nazo


“The best way to learn is to teach.” – Majd Nazo


“Program me a career and I’ll seek the skill.” – Majd Nazo


“You want to be wise by the age of 24 not 64.” – Majd Nazo


“Everything you encounter, start by asking ‘What if…?’.”                – Majd Nazo


“Try to understand your self first before studying another.”          – Majd Nazo


“Many deny their importance in life thus ruin it.” – Majd Nazo


“Life is a silhouette, for you to see it’s features you need to turn the light on.” – Majd Nazo


“Are we alone in the universe? Are we true earth species, or did our cells land here centuries before today?” – Majd Nazo


“Do human powers truly exist? And if they do, are they mental or physical?” – Majd Nazo


“Once you fully understand the true meaning of life, you will rule your character and master it with the crowd watching.” –Majd Nazo


“If you think your perfect, then your not. For this very thought discredits your claim.” – Majd Nazo


“I miss my old self. Where is the rewind button?” – Majd Nazo


“The greatest man ever lived was a thinking man.” – Majd Nazo


“I prefer a conversation with the elderly over the young. Life experience establishes their speech more meaningful thus more wise.” – Majd Nazo


“For me to show emotion I need to receive some.” – Majd Nazo


“Don’t judge a man. Yet judge his past, because thats what created him.” – Majd Nazo


“If you hold a cup loosely, it will fall and break. But, if you get a good grip and hold tight, it won’t. Now change the word cup to life and re-read.” – Majd Nazo


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