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Better UI/UX Design for Instagram’s Activity Page.

Instagram has persuaded millions of users to join photography’s new social movement. Mobile device users have searched for an app that is able to seamlessly post their experiences through pictures and videos. Insta has initiated a trend by allowing the use of #hashtags to rapidly connect different users with similar interests. The company’s fast growth has created an opportunity for photographers, artists and business owners to creatively reach new clients. It has in return helped unknowns become stars. Continue reading Better UI/UX Design for Instagram’s Activity Page.

IGDraws Reached 3000 Followers

IGDraws the Instagram page has reached 3000 followers. I created this page to bring recognition to the amazing Instagram artists who otherwise are overlooked due to the medium they use. Not everyone around the world can afford oils. You don’t need to be a painter to be a master artist. Art is expressed best in it’s simple form, when drawn, sketched or inked. Check out the page and follow to view very creative works daily and support international artists.3000 Followers